We minister to the whole person.....the body, the mind and the soul. Many people talk of the second coming; while more than one-half of the world has yet to even hear of the first!

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Water harvesting provides fresh water in the dry season.

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Our medical facility serves thousands annually.


Our overnight ward was completed in 2010.

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Our Pre-School works to build the necessary skills for children to enter into the primary and secondary system. We've moved from an outdoor classroom to a cover facility and have expanded the classroom to be able to accommodate up to 100 children and offer them a hot lunch.


We've facilitated Rabies Clinics in many villages throughout the East Iramba District within West Central Tanzania. The pictures above show our first experience going directly to the villages after years of patients and students having to come to our FDM site in the Valley.

We've built a Medical Clinic and a Preschool. Our medical clinic has developed into a permanent facility with Doctors and Nurses on staff. A laboratory helps with the treatment and diagnosis.

Our preschool provides secular and Christian Education to ensure that small children are prepared to enter the national school system. Graduates consistently achieve passing scores!

Over the last few years, Water Harvesting had been implemented to the facility, we have constructed an Overnight Ward for the severely injured and sick and we now have a vehicle that serves as an ambulance and supply hauler