Over 3000 Dogs have been Vaccinated since Dr. Dan Randall organized the first program in 2013.

Dr. Randall reached out to Pastor William in 2011 and asked about helping with the challenge of rabies and resulting deaths in Tanzania. Unfortunately thousands of Tanzania residents - primarily children - die from rabies infected dog bites.

After lengthy discussions with district officials, the group settled on a rabies clinic trial within 7 villages around the FDMC site. In 2013, Dr Randall and a mission team traveled to Tanzania and together with Pastor William and local officials over 500 dogs were vaccinated in a 5-day period.

Dr Randall has since joined the FDM USA Board and continues to solicit support for supplies and expenses.

Clinics were established around the central meeting area within each village. Pet owners were told of the day/time for their local clinic and local district veterinarians were on hand to administer the vaccine. USA Mission Team members completed registration forms for the owners.

We've facilitated Rabies Clinics in over 12 Villages throughout the East Iramba District within West Central Tanzania. This is our first experience going directly into the villages after years of having patients and school students come to our FDM Site in the Valley.

valley clinics.jpg

Mission Team 2013, led by Dr. Dan Randall helped local District Vet Officials conduct rabies clinics throughout the Yulansoni Valley. Over 500 animals were vaccinated, thus saving the lives of countless boys and girls.